Artist’s workshops as part of South East Open Studios

'Art in the Garden - a collaboration of four artists and a garden’, opens in two weeks on 9 June in Hastings, with an exhibition of paintings, prints, drawings and ceramics. In addition, Hastings folk will have the chance to attend four exciting workshops...

Brede Trees

Brede Trees I have been trying to walk in Brede woods at least once a week. The winter wet bark colours and the light on the curves of the trunks are giving me ideas for my next series of pots.  Groups of storage jars that capture some of the different curves,...

Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot makes powerful nesting shapes as it dries at the end of the summer.

Drawing Research Group

Drawing Research Group Just a few of the many drawings created over the past year at Marie Louise Miller's Drawing Research Group.  The visual language of mark making and exploration of the human body as it moves through space have all fed into this year's...

Open House

Very good first Open House event hosted by Lucy Brennan Shiel.  I was showing with Marie Louise Miller and Stephanie Fawbert.  We came together through a drawing research group that has been a great influence on the new ceramic work.

July Teapots

The latest teapots with glazes evolving from the tree photo studies from Sedlescombe.  A bit bluer than planned but some great textures happening close up.

Jugs arrive

New jugs on show at Rye Society of Artists Summer Show from Saturday 30th July to Sunday 21st August 2016 at: THE DANCE HALL AT RYE COMMUNITY CENTRE, CONDUIT HILL, RYE TN31 7LE Open every day from 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Glaze thoughts

A visit to Sedlescombe on a spring day triggered some ideas for developing glaze colours.

Sedlescombe trees

Sedlescombe trees. The pestalozzi land has become a favourite walk, particularly for the beautiful elephantine beech trees that edge the fields.  I try to remember their posture and skin when making the teapots.  

Evolving teapots

The next evolution of teapots and mugs. These are the second evolutions of the teapots.  They have more movement in them and some echoes of studying the big old elephantine beeches out at Sedlescombe. All very distinct characters......

First domestic sculpture

    First domestic sculpture Here are the first evolutions of my intention to make pieces of domestic sculpture. I work quite fast and intuitively so I may start with one idea but the way the clay folds may lead in other directions so I work in series to...

Rye Bay seasonal walks

Rye Bay Seasonal Walks This work started with regular walks at Rye Bay and in particular studying the way sea kale grows on the shingle, its exuberance emerging from such challenging conditions. The first pieces were a direct response to the growth patterns,...


Hebrides trip Hebridean edges and seaweed - still to evolve into pots but they influenced the tiles here.

Soil Processes

Soil Processes While thinking about ways to reveal the coastal processes that have created the shingle banks and coast at Rye Bay I came across some earlier work looking at soil fertility and exploring how to capture some of the dynamic processes that are going on in...

French platters

Garrigue plant platters Details of slip decorated red earthenware platters inspired by the french garrigue walks.

Walking the garrigue and Peyriac salt marsh

Walking the garrigue and Peyriac salt marsh High summer walking across the garrigue is a dusty spiky experience, the colours ochre and white against the turquoise and black of the salt pans and pines. The rhythms of the plant life at my feet catch my eye and I try to...

Kitchen tiles inspired by hebridean seaweed

Kitchen tiles inspired by hebridean seaweed A spring visit to the Hebrides triggered a fascination with the different ways the sea met the land and the patterns left as the sea retreated each day dragging seaweed across the beach.  These different edges and...